February 14, 2023

New whitepaper: Industrial upscaling of
nano- and microfabrication

Mockup of our new Whitepaper on Industrial upscaling of nano- and microfabrication
Nanoscribe published a new, inspiring whitepaper, written in partnership with EV Group, kdg opticomp and 3D AG. Over 20 pages, mastering and replication experts explain in detail how nano- and microfabrication can be scaled up to serial and mass production. From top to bottom and from left to right: Whitepaper cover; Nickel shim by 3D AG, Micro injection molding replica by kdg opticomp, 2GL master by Nanoscribe and NIL replica by EV Group.

Nanoscribe is underpinning its business model in industrial mastering with a 20-page whitepaper with insights into how its patented Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL ®) technology can be combined with well-proven replication processes. The 2GL technology enables both the rapid fabrication of functional prototypes and its seamless integration into established mass production processes based on nanoimprint lithography (NIL), hot embossing and micro injection molding. The new whitepaper “Industrial upscaling of nano- and microfabrication” was written in partnership with experts from EV Group, 3D AG and kdg opticomp.

Today’s mega-trends of miniaturization and resource efficiency demand advanced microfabrication technologies with fast innovation cycles, improved performance and mass production capability. Nanoscribe’s Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography is the breakthrough technology that enables both, rapid prototyping of nano and microstructures and master template fabrication for seamless integration into established mass production processes.

Miniature designs are required to realize compact, yet extremely performant components in a small form factor. 2GL is designed to fulfill the requirements in microfabrication such as high resolution, excellent shape accuracy and optical-quality surfaces. This additive manufacturing technology is not limited to creating functional prototypes, it also fully fits into advanced replication processes based on nanoimprint lithography (NIL), hot embossing, and micro injection molding. A new publication written by Nanoscribe in partnership with EV Group, NIL specialist, kdg opticomp, technology expert for injection molding, and 3D AG, upscaling expert in nano- and microfabrication, provides insights into various proven manufacturing chains based on the combination of 2GL mastering and replication.

2GL prototyping for state-of-the-art microstructures

Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography is an emerging technology capable of fabricating complex micro- and mesoscale topographies in polymers with submicrometer features. 2GL-printed structures can be used to directly validate the performance of functional parts.

2GL offers enormous design freedom to fabricate discrete and smooth topographies, symmetric and asymmetric microstructures, including challenging geometries such as steep slopes, sharp corners and high aspect ratios, such as required in state-of-the-art microoptics.

2GL mastering fits into replication processes

However, one of today’s challenges in manufacturing microstructures is the scalability of the production chain of these high-precision parts. 2GL also enables rapid and precise microfabrication of master templates for replication with various established technologies such as nanoimprint lithography, micro injection molding and hot embossing. Thus, 2GL-printed structures are transferred to hard stamps such as nickel shims and soft stamps such as wafer-scale working stamps for subsequent replication. These working tools replicate the design and quality of the original master structure and are scalable for series production. Combining 2GL with replication technologies accelerates the transfer from functional prototypes to serial production and shortens time-to-market.

How to access high-volume production

To jointly pave the way for high-volume production of microstructures, Nanoscribe, EV Group, 3D AG and kdg opticomp offer their expertise and infrastructure to prospects and customers. Nanoscribe supports customers in validating their product design for 2GL prototyping and mastering. EV Group provides process development that includes step-and-repeat mastering services to help customers to ramp up a pilot line production based on NIL. 3D AG offers their expertise and tools to upscale micro and nanostructures with replication based on nickel shims. Furthermore, kdg opticomp offers injection molding know-how and infrastructure for a wide range of molds with macro to microscopic geometries made of thermoplastics.


Interested to read the new whitepaper about mastering and replication?

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