An overview of Advanced BioMatrix Photoresins.

Advanced BioMatrix

Our partner Advanced BioMatrix offers a variety of hydrogels for Quantum X bio applications in biosciences and biotechnology.

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New hydrogels
for Quantum X bio applications

Quantum X bio is an open materials platform for high-resolution 3D printing that can be used with Nanoscribe's own resins, including the IPX-Series, IP-Visio and IP-PDMS, as well as third-party resins and custom materials. By utilizing commercial resins, users benefit from greater reproducibility, saving both time and money that would otherwise be invested in developing their own materials. With the addition of Advanced BioMatrix bioresins, the selection of compatible biomaterials for Quantum X bio expands by four: PhotoGel®, PhotoHA®-Stiff, PhotoDextran®, and PhotoChitosan® can all be used for 3D printing by Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP). The bioresins are available in a kit that includes the lyophilized hydrogel and lithium-phenyl-2,4,6-trimethylbenzoylphosphinate (LAP), the photoinitiator suitable for 2PP in the life science field.

Nanoscribe’s Two-Photon Polymerization technology is renowned for achieving the highest resolution 3D Microfabrication on the scale of biological cells and tissues. This technology plays a key role in advancing 3D bioprinting, enabling the creation of sophisticated structures ranging from single-cell scaffolds to complex biomimetic or vascularized tissues at the millimeter scale. To fully exploit the capabilities of 2PP technology and drive innovation in life sciences and biology, it is essential to have compatible biomaterials. Our official partner, Advanced BioMatrix, specializes in developing such materials suitable for 2PP-based 3D biofabrication, ready for exploring new ideas in the field of 3D bioprinting.

Dr. Marc Hippler, Project Manager Quantum X bio

Dr. Marc Hippler, Project Manager Quantum X bio
Advanced BioMatrix bioresins exceed expectations in quality and versatility. They empower live cell printing with high cell viability and enable the creation of complex 3D hydrogel structures.

Discover Advanced BioMatrix hydrogel resins

All Advanced BioMatrix bioresins are conveniently supplied as lyophilized products. This provides the flexibility to freely adjust the hydrogel concentration for printing. Additionally, the customer profits from an extended shelf life due to the liquid-free storage of the bioresin.

PhotoGel® (GelMA), derived from naturally occurring gelatin, is a hydrogel made from methacrylated gelatin, ideal for live-cell printing, cell seeding on extracellular matrix scaffolds, and tissue engineering.

PhotoHA®-Stiff, produced recombinantly, consists of methacrylated hyaluronic acid, offering customizable stiffness for applications such as cell seeding, cell migration studies, membrane creation for cell culturing, and tailored extracellular matrix scaffolds.

PhotoDextran® is crafted from methacrylated dextran and provides adjustable stiffness, perfect for tissue engineering, cell seeding, and constructing extracellular matrix scaffolds with precise mechanical properties. It is typically produced via bacteria fermentation followed by isolation.

PhotoChitosan® is formulated from methacrylated chitosan, a biopolymer naturally derived from chitin, and offers antimicrobial activity, biodegradability, and photo responsiveness, making it suitable for cell seeding, tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, and regenerative medicine applications.

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Advanced BioMatrix bioresins are available in convenient kits with included photoinitiators, ensuring straightforward printing.
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