Industrial replication by nanoimprint lithography

Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL ®) enables the microfabrication of freeform microoptics, microlens arrays or diffractive microoptics, with highest precision. These 2.5D microstructures printed on a wafer are efficient master templates for the replication process via nanoimprint lithography (NIL).

From prototyping to mass production by NIL

Quantum X and its proprietary 2GL ® technology is a breakthrough innovation, uniting the strengths of grayscale lithography and Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP). Almost any design of 2.5D topographies can be manufactured with optical-quality surfaces and submicrometer shape accuracy. Another benefit is that Quantum X can process different substrate types such as glass slides or silicon wafer up to 6”. The microfabrication system is specially designed for rapid prototyping, small series production and the efficient fabrication of master templates in replication processes.

For high-volume production of 2.5D microstructures the well-established replication technique nanoimprint lithography (NIL) is a highly productive solution. Our partner EV Group is a market-leading supplier of NIL equipment for high-volume production of filigree microstructures on a wafer level.

The basic NIL process comprises three steps: First, a master stamp is manufactured. This is the structure from which identical copies are made during the replication process. Next, a soft working stamp is molded from the master, showing the exact negative features of the master template. The final replicas are fabricated as imprints of the working stamp and thus as identical copies of the original master structure. Special techniques such as step and repeat NIL can help for scaling up this process by replicating a single-die master to a fully populated 8” master. This 8” master can be used in a subsequent process for an efficient, high-volume replication process.

Quantum X fits perfectly into the process chain of nanoimprint lithography and fabricates master templates with 2.5D topographies such as microlens arrays as well as diffractive and refractive microoptics with highest precision.

Are you looking for further information about 2.5D microfabrication?

For more information and deeper insights into our microfabrication systems, visit our free premium resources section. Download our whitepapers about Two-Photon Polymerization and Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography.

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