Photonics packaging and assembly service by PHIX

Our partner PHIX B.V. provides an industrial service portfolio covering the manufacturing of Free Space Microoptical Coupling (FSMOC) components printed directly on fiber arrays and photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Configure and order 3D printed Lensed Fiber Arrays (LFAs) made with Nanoscribe's Aligned 2-Photon Lithography (A2PL®) technology according to your specific requirements.

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The PHIX service offered here is based on Nanoscribe's A2PL technology and designed as an entry into standard LFA manufacturing, to facilitate access to optical signal processing markets. It is also promising for low-volume applications and markets with industrial-grade components. PHIX offers 3D-printed collimation, focusing and steering lenses on 4-32 channel fiber arrays by aligned 3D printing of optical-quality freeform microoptics onto optical fibers with nanoprecision. This compliments PHIX’s range of spot size converters (SSCs) and can cover wavelengths from 450 to 1,550 nanometers and beyond.

PHIX has several lensed fiber arrays available in stock and can manufacture custom configurations with different fiber counts, connector types, wavelengths, polarization modes, mode field diameters, working distances, and other customizable parameters.

Integrated photonics
application opportunities

Looking to assess the opportunities for your integrated photonics and photonics packaging project? Explore the application options of our 3D Microfabrication solutions and view the 10 most recent scientific publications in materials engineering from over 1,800 peer-reviewed journal articles.
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3D Nano-printed Coupler with Parabolic Reflectors


Fabrication of waveguide directional couplers using 2-photon lithography


In-situ Quantitative Phase Imaging during Multi-photon Laser Printing


Direct 3D-printing of microlens on single mode polarization-stable VCSEL chip for miniaturized optical spectroscopy


Miniaturized and Thin 3D Microscope with Learnable Real-time Reconstruction


(3+1)D printed adiabatic 1-to-M broadband couplers and fractal splitter networks


Implantable Photonic Neural Probes with 3D-Printed Microfluidics and Applications to Uncaging


Quantum Dots Facilitate 3D Two‐Photon Laser Lithography


Two‐Photon Polymerization Lithography for Optics and Photonics: Fundamentals, Materials, Technologies, and Applications


Free-Form Micro-Optics Enabling Ultra-Broadband Low-Loss Off-Chip Coupling

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