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3D printing glass with micrometer precision

In this interview, Prof. Bastian Rapp, co-founder & CTO of Glassomer, and Dr. Alexander Quick, our Head of Materials, share insights about developing a photoresin for 3D Microfabrication of filigree glass parts

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Press releases


Nanoscribe presents key microfabrication technologies for industrial innovations in microoptics and photonic packaging

Nanoscribe, a BICO company, will present its key solutions for microoptics and photonics this week at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, Germany. At the world’s leading exhibition for photonic components, systems and applications, Nanoscribe will showcase the latest achievements of its microfabrication technologies in terms of performance and alignment for advanced applications in integrated photonics, photonic packaging and microoptics. In addition to its regular booth (341, hall A5), Nanoscribe is also part of the first World of QUANTUM, a new exhibition area highlighting enabling technologies for quantum technologies and its exciting applications.


Nanoscribe introduces the Extra Large Features (XLF) Print Set

Nanoscribe, a BICO company, introduces the Extra Large Features (XLF) Print Set, to expand the manufacturing range for its high-precision 3D printer Quantum X shape from nano- and microscale structures to millimeter- and centimeter-sized objects, while maintaining particularly complex structures and filigree details. But above all, the new XLF Print Set speeds up high-precision 3D printing many times over, making Quantum X shape the preferred choice for batch production of voluminous millimeter- and even centimeter-sized objects for the first time.


Nanoscribe partners with PHIX to drive industrial innovation in photonic packaging market

Nanoscribe, a BICO company, and the Dutch photonics packaging foundry PHIX B.V. have announced a collaboration to provide on-fiber printing services to the photonic packaging industry. With Nanoscribe’s new high-performance 3D microlens printing technology with nano-precision alignment capabilities, PHIX relies on this new technological approach in their manufacturing services of standard lensed fiber arrays (LFAs). The PHIX service portfolio will then contain the manufacturing of Free Space Microoptical Coupling (FSMOC) components printed directly on fiber arrays and photonic integrated circuits (PICs). This extends PHIX’s portfolio for bringing hybrid integration into mass production.

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