Mechanical microparts with highest precision

With design freedom of 3D printing and high precision of Two-Photon Polymerization, you can fabricate mechanical parts or even micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) with micrometer accuracy. Discover our 3D Microfabrication solutions for rapid prototyping and manufacturing of truly high-precision microparts.

Additive manufacturing meets precision for micromechanical parts

3D Microfabrication enables you to create complex micromechanical parts with submicron resolution and up to millimeter sizes. Design versatility in 3D is crucial for the fabrication of complex and responsive micromachines, sensors and actuators. Further mechanical parts include springs, gears and connectors, as required in precision mechanics or electronics. Two-Photon Polymerization is a powerful direct fabrication method which is used for rapid prototyping of novel designs. Scientists and engineers employ it to iteratively create innovative 3D structures with varying parameters and without additional costs.

The fabrication of micromechanical parts benefits strongly from the design versatility of our 3D printers and the wide range of printing materials. For example, remotely controlled movable microrobots can be printed from photopolymers, nanoparticle composites and hydrogels. Metal coating can be applied if required. Moreover, microparts can be printed directly on various substrates, even directly onto micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS).

Micromechanics & MEMS
application opportunities

Looking to assess the opportunities for your micromechanics & MEMS project? Explore the application options of our 3D Microfabrication solutions and view the 10 most recent scientific publications in materials engineering from over 1,800 peer-reviewed journal articles.
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Magnetic position sensing for self-calibration and image registration of scanning fiber endoscopes


3D printed micro-nano waveguide ultrashort Bragg grating on optical fiber tip as a contact liquid reagent temperature sensor


Acoustic Streaming-Induced Multimodal Locomotion of Bubble-Based Microrobots


An acoustically controlled helical microrobot


3D printing of plasmonic nanofocusing tip enabling high resolution, high throughput and high contrast optical near-field imaging


3D printed Fabry-Perot acoustic probe with a glass horn tube


3D Printing by Two-Photon Polymerization of Polyimide Objects and Demonstration of a 3D-printed Micro-Hotplate


Two-photon 3D printing diaphragm-integrated ring waveguide coupler for ultrasound detection


Two-photon microscopy for microrobotics: Visualization of micro-agents below fixed tissue


Two-photon 3D-printing of a Micro Continuum Actuator with the Integrated Tendon

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