our Quantum X align system

Redefining microfabrication.

For the highest precision in additive manufacturing, our 3D printers and grayscale lithography systems perform with superior quality at unrivaled speed.

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3D printing flexible microsystems

3D printing flexible microsystems

Researchers have developed lightweight and flexible microsystems using 3D-printed electrostatic microactuators to control articulating micromirrors.

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highest precision lines printed with a Quantum X system

Highest precision.

Precision goes beyond resolution. It is all about high-speed laser scanning, stage positioning, distortion-free shape accuracy, reproducibility, and scalability.

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Close-up of the stacked lens system, showing the freeform top lens and the central hybrid lens with its diffractive element

Superior quality.

Why compromise on quality when it's so easy to create accurate, seamless, distortion-free shapes with high-quality surfaces and the finest features?

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speed comparison of

Unrivaled speed.

3D printing is no longer a slow affair. Just print fast and with superior quality. With our Quantum X systems, you can print up to 100 times faster.

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Think big. Print nano.

Step into a new era of additive manufacturing with our leading-edge product portfolio. Utilize the versatility of 3D printing and the performance of our innovative grayscale technology, both powered by Two-Photon Polymerization – the highest resolution additive manufacturing technology with feature size control down to 100 nm. Streamline manufacturing with our state-of-the-art 3D nano- and microfabrication solutions from the research lab to the factory floor.
Our proprietary solutions range from 3D bioprinting for life sciences to nanoprecision alignment 3D printing for photonics applications. Choose from our specialized products or let us customize our Quantum X shape system to meet your unique needs. Join us on a journey of innovation where precision transforms ideas into reality.

We are Nanoscribe

Your partner for high-precision additive manufacturing

With over 100 highly qualified employees, we develop products and services on the basis of Nanoscribe’s Two-Photon Polymerization technology. Providing hardware, software, materials and processes as a complete solution is the key to our customers’ success today. More than 4,000 active users of our systems located in over 30 countries rely on our technology and systems.

Over 25% of our annual revenues are regularly invested in the future of microfabrication. Thus we deliver smart solutions that inspire our customers and enable them to materialize ground-breaking ideas.

As the pioneer and market leader in high-precision additive manufacturing, we push the limits of 3D printing and challenge the state-of-the-art in microfabrication. Our technology empowers cutting edge science and drives industrial innovations in a wide variety of sectors such as microoptics, micromechanics, biomedical engineering, and photonics technologies.

Trust and customer satisfaction are particularly important to us. Sales and support are provided worldwide from locations in Germany, China and the USA, as well as by a global network of certified distributors.

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Our technical experts introduce our microfabrication technologies to you. Take advantage of valuable insights into the technological basics, software workflows and application opportunities of our two systems – the Photonic Professional GT2, the Quantum X, Quantum X shape and our new Quantum X bio and Quantum X align.

On-demand Webinar 9:

3D printing of vascularized tissues
on-demand webinar 09

On-demand Webinar 8:

Aligned 3D printing on photonic chips
on-demand webinar 08

Whitepaper 3:

Industrial upscaling of nano- & microfabrication
mockup of our Whitepaper 03 on mastering and replication

Whitepaper 2:

Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography
whitepapter 02 on 2GL

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